To effectively carry out our Conservation mission we channelized out activities into 4 folds 1. Creating Awareness 2. Field Study 3. Working with Government and NGOs on various conservation activities  4. Field Trips

What we do ?

* Conduct classes on Environmental studies.

* Bird watching Trips for School Children to impart love for nature.

* Conduct campaign on World Wetland day (2nd Feb),  World Forestry Day (21st Mar)

* Work with media on environmental issues

Creating Awareness

* Our Naturalist & Wildlife Photographer, Mr. Shriram, visits the Nanmangalam on a regular basis and collect data for various studies that we have undertaken there.

* Our activist (Mr.Gurusamy) studies the movement and breeding habits of Indian Gaur at Mannavanur. We have identified the presence of Albino Gaur in Keelanavayal.



Field Study

* We work with the forest department in conducting Bird census in Pallikaranai Marsh and Pulicut every month and provide vital data on migratory bird species.

* Participate in Water fowl census in Vedanthangal and Karikilli.

* We Participate in Tiger census and Annual Wild life census in Anamalai Tiger Reserve.

* We work with the forest department in providing educational support to the Tribal students.

* We work with the forest department in Keelanavayal in educating people on avoiding Man-gaur conflict by not planting mono culture plantations.


Work with Forest Department

* Trips to Kallar Beat in Anamalai tiger reserve to understand the man-animal conflict.

* Field Trips to Mannavanur to study Annual Elephant movement in the edges of the Reserve forest.

* Visits to Koondhankulam near Tirunelveli to understand various migratory birds viz. Bar-headed Goose, Comb Duck etc.

* Visits to Annamalaicheri (Pulicut, TN) and SHAR (Pulicut, AP) to understand the Flamingo migratory pattern

* Visits to Kazhuveli Reserve Forest.

* Visits to Chinnar wildlife sanctuary.



Field Trips

The Nature Trust

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