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           Nanmangalam RF lies in the southern suburb of Chennai, on the velachery-Tambaram road.  This forest is spread across 320 Hectares. This forest is a evergreen scrub jungle. Birdlife in this forest is rich. It has more than 80 species of birds. This has become one of the breeding sights of the endangered Indian Great Horned Owl. The abandoned quarry in the mountain patch is a good source of water for the birds.

We studied the breeding pattern of the Indian Great Horned Owl and found that the period between November and March are very favorable for its breeding. It lays three to five eggs. The success of hatching is around 70% and the survival rate of the of the chicks could be higher due to good prey base available in the forest. Jackal and crows are the main threats for the survival of the chicks.

This RF provides an excellent habitat for numerous birds to breed and raise their chicks. This is also part of the migratory path for various birds during the winter season.

Human disturbance in this RF has been high with people visiting the RF for washing their clothes in the water holes. Use of detergents are also contaminating the water source. To deter this the forest department is taking measures to fence the RF and strictly enforce prosecution of trespassers.


Nanmangalam Reserve Forest

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           Pallikaranai wetland is located in the borders of Pallikaranai, Perungudi and Thoraipakkam villages in the suburbs of Chennai. It is located 5 m above sea level. Once a 5000 hectare marshland is today shrunk to 800 hectares and only 312 hectares has been handed over to the forest department.

About 40 types of fishes exist in this wetland. This makes it an excellent haven for resident and migratory birds. Over 100 species of birds have been recorded here. Just to mention a few we can see Grey Pelican, Open-billed Stork, Painted Stork, Glossy Ibis, Egrets, Spot-billed duck and Purple moorhen etc. The visitors to this wetland include the Garganey, Common Teal,  Pintail, Greater Flamingo, Avocet etc. This marshland is so rich that birds like the Pheasant tail Jacana breed and raise their young ones here.

Some of the threats to this beautiful marshland is encroachments, Garbage Dumping yard, Sewage water and fishing. The forest officials are putting their best of best efforts in preserving this homeland of birds.


Pallikaranai Reserve Forest